School Bus Safety and Accident Prevention

School Bus Safety and Accident Prevention

There are few things more tragic then school bus accidents. The loss of life a child is always a disturbing and unsettling even if you do not know the child, but when multiple children are killed in a road accident that could have been avoided, pure horror ensues.

No parent would put his or her child on a bus which was at great risk for a collision, but few parents properly equip their children with the knowledge they need about safety in order for them to stay far away from school bus tragedy.

What Children Should Know

School bus safety needs to approach from a number of levels. School bus safety involves:

o The bus driver
o The school and the administration
o The children who take the bus to school
o Parents of children
o All other motorists on the roads at the same time as school buses

For children, it is vital that parents instill the importance of the following:
o Never run around the bus-many children start to run to the bus stop if they feel that they are late. This should never be done.
o Always walk on the side walk and abide by all traffic lights or traffic signs.
o Arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes prior to when it is scheduled to arrive
o Do not rough house or play at the bus stop. Children should find a safe place to sit and wait once they arrive at the stop.
o Never speak to strangers or enter into strangers cars while waiting.
o When the bus arrives, wait for it to stop and the red lights to flash. Then look left, right and left again before crossing to enter the bus.
o While on the bus, remain in your seat. Do not rough house and NEVER distract the driver.
o Keep the aisles clear at all times.
o In the case of an emergency, stay calm and follow the driver’s instructions very carefully.
o When getting off the bus, look both ways and carefully cross the street if need be.
o Never run after the bus if you forget something.

Motorists must also know all of the laws regarding school buses in their states.

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